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  • Toured out to the west coast and back in 1994, stopping in such great places as Fargo/Moorhead and Fergus Falls. Roadie crashed the van. Better luck next year, eh?
  • Toured coast to coast and back in 1995; less than 20 shows in six weeks! Whotta debacle!
  • One of the members, harboring a grudge against Phil Leitch, when asked if he had ever met Phil, "No, But I don't need to meet a Nazi to know I don't like them." (Yeah, that sounds like something I'd say. Holds up logically, though today I haven't the faintest whom this person is. I'm sure he's much more pleasant than a Nazi. --Holmes!)


  • Cat House, Fargo, August 1994.
  • Teen Center, Fergus Falls, August 1994 with Anatrek Monkey and My Dad the Rent-a-cop.
  • August 13, 1994 - Heavens to Betsy (Olympia), Excuse 17 (Olympia), Cap’n Jazz (Chicago area), Jesus, and Ezra Pound: Wil-Mar Community Center, Madison, WI
  • MSU Underground, First (and only) Punk Rock Swap Meet, Spring 1995
  • DIY Center, Summer 1995
  • Lots of others...


  • Something w/ a really long title, 7-inch, Corellian Records.
  • Every Time I See the Flag, a Tear Comes to My Eye, 7-inch, Dyslexic Records.
  • Self-released cassette tape.
  • All That... And a Bag of Dicks Disgruntled Records

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