Jennifer's Veil

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Jennifer's Veil was a continuation of the Mercy Beat with three new band members, Troy, Jason and Andrew. They took their band name from the title of a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds song.



  • Bassist Andrew Charon was known to play barefoot.
  • Once opened a show with a 15 minute tape loop featuring thunderstorms, quotes from Bono, samples from Stars on 45 and other found sounds.
  • Opened all their shows with their goth-surf instrumental, 'Surfin' Dead'. Written by Chris Meyer when he was with Mercybeat. He was lightly miffed when the band played it without him.
  • John Lamb was known to heckle the band.
  • Phil often wore ridiculous clothes.


  • Played often at the Broadway Junction


  • A limited edition cassette was given away at one show.
  • Some recordings of the band do exist but nothing was ever released.

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