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  • Hungness, Brannon



He played in Glenn Branca's orchestra, playing guitar on Symphony Numbers 8 & 10. He also replaced Paul Sanders in Hammerhead briefly -- just before they broke up.


Virtual Symphony #1

Conducted and recorded an 'orchestra' at a Bowler show in early 1993, parts of which were later released on MultiMood records, as "Virtual Symphony No. 1". The orchestra featured guitarists and bassists from several local bands, including Submarine, Blockhead, and Orange 17 (amongst others). They were asked to crouch behind their amps (arranged in a semi-circle in front of the stage), and watch for Hungness' cues to "make noise."
While the musicians played along with pre-recorded electronic sounds, Hungness stood on a chair, waving his baton with a pillowcase over his head. At the climax of the piece, he pulled out a butcher's knife and ran about the large crowd.
If you listen closely to this recording, you can hear Chad James play the "Oompa-Loompa" song on his bass, instead of making noise as directed. This supposedly upset Mr. Hungness, as it was impossible to erase.


V/A "Nodak: Distorted Hallucinations" Moo Bob Records

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