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Guitarist Jason Kesselring went on to start avant garde group Skye Klad (kind of spacerock very Stockhausen meets Chrome meets MBV meets Black Sabbath.) They were invited by Thurston Moore to open for Sonic Youth... Jason also created Satyrswitch ( a one off acoustic progressive project on Australian label Camera Obscura) Also Cupid... avant guitar goth metal raga. Matt Zaun played in Skye Klad, Salamander (another Mpls avant space band), Di Dollari, and musings with artist Sean Conaughty (whom Jason also occasionaly plays with).

Rather reserved rock'n'roll for the time period... I don't remember much about the band beyond the fact that when I saw them at the Fargo Elks sometime in the early 90s, people sat on the floor to watch them play.




  • offered a European tour by Hammerhead but rythm section was leaving


Wacky psyche noisey versions of Yardbirds and Syd barrett covers. True enough people sat and watched them play. Kinda pooted out after leaving Fargo.


  • I have a tape with a few songs from a practice session... couple of demo tapes...

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