Hate That Girl

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  • The band formed one afternoon at the Holmes' residence on the Minot Air Force Base. In the same day, we wrote 5-7 songs after rocking out in a practice space at a MAFB recreation hall. The band was called on to perform these songs in the following evening as an opening act for Abner and some lame so-cal band called 'active ingredients'. This was our only performance.
  • The band's name came about after Ryan O'Shaughnessy broke up with a girl who was giving him shit, while Cassidy Roberts was also having similar issues with a different girl. There wasn't much thought put into it, it was just a random call to hurry up and give a name to our cheap one-show band. Sarah Livingston made it known that she did not care for the band's name at all.
  • We used the house equipment and music gear supplied by the minot collective cultural center. The drum kit fell apart in the middle of each song and Cory Prough had to be used as a head-tom stand.
  • Ryan O'Shaughnessy almost thrashed the so-cal fellas outside the venue because they were talking shit about "broadway bob".

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