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V/A "Bob" Meat Records

Related Bands

Gwat-- (Eric Carlson & Matt Ogden)

Mostly just a basement session at Jen Hibner's house with some strange mixing.

Steve Casperini & His Gigantic Mavis Band-- (Bob Johnson, Chris Nelson, Matt Ogden & Eric Carlson)

Only played two "shows"--one at Nelson's brother's grad party?? and one at Ralph's. Carlson ate boomers that night and forgot his name. The Lane Wilcox Band (consisting of Lane Wilcox with special guest Eric Carlson) opened that night--Carlson played some drums, but mostly stared at the stage lights while Lane ran around the stage turning on amps, fidgeting with knobs and duct-taping various keys down on some thrift store keyboard. When a sufficient wall of sound was created, Lane sort of just took off running & didn't reappear for like a half-hour. I think they had to eventually just cut the power... It was awesome.