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*[[Princess Leia]]
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godheadSilo was Fargo's first two-piece consisting solely of bass and drums and lots of distortion. Mike and Dan played tons of shows in Fargo before relocating to Olympia, WA. Dan had the biggest drumkit we've ever seen.



  • Contrary to popular belief, godheadSilo was not always guitarless. Yahtzeen founder Phil Leitch was the guitar player for the original 3-piece lineup.



  • Share the Fantasy, Sub Pop
  • Skyward in Triumph, Sub Pop
  • Booby Trap 7-inch, Sub Pop
  • Elephantitus of the Night CD, Kill Rock Stars
  • Elephantitus of the Night EP, Kill Rock Stars
  • The Scientific Supercake LP, Kill Rock Stars
  • Thee Friendship Village EP, Kill Rock Stars
  • V/A "Nodak: Distorted Hallucinations" Moo Bob Records
  • V/A "Dope, Guns 'n' Fucking In The Streets v. 8" 7-inch Amphetamine Reptile
  • V/A "Dope, Guns 'n' Fucking In The Streets v. 8-11" Amphetamine Reptile
  • V/A "Second Sixty Second Comp." 7-inch, Coat-Tail Records
  • V/A "A Means To An End: Music of Joy Division" Virgin
  • V/A "The Smitten Love Song" Karate Brand
  • V/A Split 7-inch with Hammerhead, OXO Records
  • V/A "Yoyo A Go Go '94" Yo-Yo
  • V/A "Some Songs" Kill Rock Stars
  • V/A "Stars Kill Rock" Kill Rock Stars

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