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*[[Robin Garland]]
*[[Robin Garland]]
*[[Susan Lindell]]
*[[Susan Lindell]]
== About ==
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== Highlights ==
== Highlights ==

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well i guess the highlight, would be we only played one show. It was for Jacinta's birthday, we opened Jeff was only like 20? we had to con him from working at the forum overnight, and Susan just was in town, she had a nice new haircut. that was my drumset, that i bought with a years worth of back pay form KDSU. I think our songs named included "Haunted house" i taped the show and still have it somewhere. Dreads were still in effect. It mght have been Al's first show in Fargo. I just remember Jacinta was wasted before things even really got started. I'm pretty sure she picked a fight with Chad, or Mike. That was also my first show at Ralphs. robin g


that was it


one vhs-c tape one reel to reel recording, "lost"

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