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I remember seeing them at Coffee Club a number of times and they did covers. I remember them covering Beastie boys "Sabotage", but they mostly did grungy items like Pearl Jam. I remember them maybe covering Tool. I remember the singers name was Joel and Derek Wilde was in a band called Girls On Film that played strictly at a couple Moorhead High School events (Twigstock) with one of the guys that was in Gecko. They also had a sticker that me and Kris Delaney used to make fun of that said Gecko PAIN and thats it. -Preston



  • There were very few, although they were interviewed by Chuck Klosterman before he became the world-famous Editor-In Chief of SPIN magazine.
  • Their drummer, Todd Ruzicka, had a real thing for thick black eyeliner and fishnet bodysuits. He went on to become a well-known, practicing Satanist.


  • Kirby's M.S.U. Meltdown, The Frisky Goat, some random Frat party.


  • "Sweetheart" on MSU Dragon Tracks

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