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AKA  No Damn Good
AKA  No Damn Good
Hey contact us, www.myspace.com\ktsmetal  we are looking for some help!

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So Im sitting in this dive bar listening to some band over the thanksgiving holiday when I see out of the corner of my eye a familiar face. A burley man, that I thought was much bigger in highschool, who went by the name of Tai Holme. When I managed to make my way to the bar to purchase more liquid confidence, I realized that Tai was much bigger in highschool and this was not him. It was Nick Prishman with a Tai disquise on. I tried to pull it off only to find out that babyfaced Nicky could grow facial hair. YIKES!!!! He then proceeded to inform me about his Google search of Anatrek Monkey. He said I needed to check it out. So here I am only to find out that nobody know that Im here. Makes me want to cry. Ok, maybe not but it makes good entertainment. My Bio lookes a little bare tho Ryan. So heres a little to spruce it up some. I moved to WYOMING. Played with some collage kids out there in some hee haw bars. No fun. Was there untill 2001. I then moved out to CA to follow my dreams as a great car builder. I played with some guys and started a band called........., No Laughing,.......Deja Blues. It was mundaine and made me want to kill my self but we played alot and made good cash at the clubs. Around June 2002 The band known as "Limp Bizket" was looking for a guitarist. Wouldn't you know that I knew one that was about to shoot himself. So I tried out. I played. I left. I got a call about 3 days later. I went back. This time I was put in a masive auditorium with 10 other guitarists. And Good ol Freddy boy gave all of us pointer on what he was looking for in a guitarist. I can play. Unfortunately, my immage was not up to freekboy standards. So now I can say I went, I played, I failed, lick me. In 2003, I found my way back to........here. Just playing and building cars and telling stories of the good ol day of Rock and Roll. Or something like that. Drop me a E-mail. Still got an ax and I still play it really loud. Would love to play or maybe just make some noise.

The mistery man now found Neal Goldenstein

AKA No Damn Good

Hey contact us, www.myspace.com\ktsmetal we are looking for some help!