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Please don't hesitate to contribute to this page if you have ideas for best practices.

A few things to watch out for

  • If you add a band, please add it to a city, decade and the appropriate letter of the alphabet. That'll help keep things organized.
  • Please be consistent in both case and spelling! We want everything to link together nicely, so we need everything to be consistent.
  • We don't care what your super special punk rock name is... please don't use it here. Again, we're trying to link as much together as we can, so please use real names or don't use 'em at all.
  • If you have any questions about how to format pages, or you don't know what you're doing, don't hesitate to e-mail us. ryan@yahtzeen.com, phil@yahtzeen.com


Please add appropriate category tags to the end of any pages you create, or any that you notice don't have them. Category tags allow category index pages to be automatically created reducing much of the extra work you would have to do placing bands and/or people on their appropriate pages. Please add the category tag at the very bottom of the page you are creating/editing.

Here is a list of currently recommended tags and directions when necessary:

On Band Pages

  • [[Category:City Name]]: City name should be the town the band is from. Please use what makes the most sense, for example Twin Cities area bands should just use Minneapolis and Fargo/Moorhead area bands should just use Fargo.
  • [[Category:Decade]]: Decade the band existed in the form 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, etc. A band from the 80's would have the tag [[Category:80's]]. Please only add the Decade Category tag to Fargo/Moorhead bands for the time being.
  • [[Category:Active/Inactive]]: If the band has played a show in 2006-2007, list as active. If they haven't, list them as Inactive.
  • [[Category:Phantom]]: If the band played less than three "public" shows ("public" meaning an actual venue and not a house party), list as Phantom.

On Bio Pages

  • [[Category:People]]

On Record Label Pages

  • [[Category:Label]]

Outside the family tree

What does this mean? Our original intent was for the FBFT to document the Fargo scene and it's related bands and members. The family tree currently considers Fargo-Moorhead along with the states of Minnesota and North Dakota to be included in the tree. Portland, OR is also fair game to be included. If you think we've missed any cities or regions that have an important connection to Fargo-Moorhead please contact [Phil Leitch|Phil] or [Ryan Anderson|Ryan] and let us know.

For bands/projects outside the scope of the FBFT please provide an outbound link, for an example see the link to Anchorhead under Todd Holdman (This of course is now a bad example because we've now included Minneapolis bands).

Phantom Bands

Originally bands that either had never played at least three shows were considered phantom bands and appropriately marked. The new FBFT covers this better since we have more space to expand further on the band so just be sure to mention it somewhere on their page.

  • [[Category:Phantom]]: Phantom bands should include this in the category section at the bottom of their band pages. All bands considered "Phantom" have already been edited to show this addition.


You may add photos to the Fargo Band Family Tree and we highly encourage you to upload your file(s) using the 'Upload File' link in the toolbox to the left. Uploading your file to the FBFT will ensure that it will remain with it and not be subject to the external link changing, the site disappering or other factors.

Our preferred image size is 320x240 (or 240x320) in order to maintain a consistent look throughout the FBFT. For images that don't scale to those dimensions we just ask that you are in the size range.

The Fargo Band Family Tree creates a thumbnail version of your image, so there it is not necessary to upload a small and large image.

  • [[image: image_name.jpg|thumb|left]]:Example of image code that will create a thumbnail and float the image left.

Remotely hosted video content

Host your videos off of Youtube.


The server is permanent, so submission of videos can be considered "permanent" as well. The service and bandwidth (www.youtube.com) is free, as of this point.

To link a video:

  • Add a link to the FBFT Putfile page under the bands External Links section. Example: Name of video


    We'd like to maintain a consistent look throughout the Fargo Band Family Tree so please use these templates if creating a new page.

    To use the templates select one, then click 'edit', copy the code and then paste it into the new page you create.


    Currently we are not including pages to cover venues.

    Record Labels

    We are including record labels. If you wish to add one please follow the format of an exising entry (see Dart Records as a good example).


    For the time being please provide external links to zines. Zines may be included in the future.