Eat Sinking Teacups

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Eat Sinking Teacups (EST) was a group founded in Bismarck in 1997, that specialized moreso in audio & performance art rather than music (although some of their songs could be classified as such, that you can dance and groove to and what have you :) ).

Eat Sinking Teacups was active from 1997 until about 1999, due to most of the members going back to school in various parts of the country at that time, as well as focusing more on solo projects as well.


Played several at the former One World Coffee House, and the former Screaming Bean, both in Bismarck. Also did a gig at the 1998 Bismarck High School Battle of the Bands (won 4th place :-( ), an outdoor performance in front of the Bismarck State College library during BSC's 1998 "ArtsQuest" festival, and a performance at the last show of the Core Culture (aka "The Core") club (now the Oak Park Theater) in Minot before their closing.


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