Doctor Hodgepodge

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Doctor Hodgepodge began as "Catharsis", but many bands, inluding a metal band that had frequented the area, had utilized the name, and it was decided to be changed to Docter Hodgepodge.

The members were Russel P. Pfaff on drums, Josh "Captain" Maynard on lead guitar, Evangelou "Sauce" Ericson on bass, and Andrew Caven on guitar and vocals.

Doctor Hodgepodge published one compact disc, recording in Fergus Falls, MN, (as had the band Red Light Special of Caven and Ericson) with Eric Vigasa. The disc was entitled "Might As Well...", consisting of 13 songs:

1)Back in my door
2)Goin' Dutch
3)Beggin Boy
4)Home Again
5)Get Up
6)Little Nemo
7)The Big Picture
8)Show Me
10)Everglades Project
11)Guitar Symphony
12)Behind your back

The band has gone on hiatus since early 2005, due to the drummer, Russel P. Pfaff pursuing a career in cabinet making, and Caven and Ericson joining the peace corps. "Captain" Maynard continues to play with a number of bands in the Fargo-Moorhead area. An unpublicised show was performed during the fall of 2006, at the behest of a friend in the Old Broadway.

Musical Style

Doctor Hodgpodge combined jam and rock, with the funk of "Sauce" Ericson, a bassist, rivaling Jed Bonches in some respects.