Ditty Wah Ditty

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First off, it was Diddy-wah-Diddy.

Second, who the hell is Fred Wilson?

The fourth member of the band was yours truly - Andy Bahn

Most of the inspiration for this band comes from Steve Mann. He wrote some fabulous songs, such as Jamaica, Joker, Las Vegas and So Long. I have one recording and it is still pretty good after nineteen years. The lead guitar player tended to make his share of blunders, yet stumbled through the songs somehow. Paul Erickson Drummed and Thumpy Paul Sanders played bass. This band had some potential, but it was never going to sound like Hammerhead. I don't know exactly what it sounded like, but it was very original. Lots of changes in Steve's songs and despite the Attention Deficit disorder of the lead guitar playing, the guitar licks were quite creative as well.




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