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A punk and rock and roll label based out of Fargo, ND. Started by and operated by Justin Seng of Les Dirty Frenchmen/Trans Ams, The, etc. Notable for helping the Midnight Evils gain underground fame and a spot on the Estrus Records roster. A new CD from Les Dirty Frenchmen is in the works.


  • Is probably the only Fargo-based label that isn't specifically promoting the Fargo scene. Its most successful band to date is Midnight Evils from Minneapolis. *The Resinators are from Illinois. Also put out the only dedicated Orange 17 release ever.


  • Dart-7001 The Midnight Evils "Powerhead" 7" Single
  • Dart-7002 The Midnight Evils "Ain't Got Time for Love B/W Beating Around The Bush" 7" Single
  • Dart-7003 The Resinators "Way Gone B/W Gotta Go" 7" Single
  • Dart-7004 Orange 17 "We want Rock N' Roll Tonight B/W Plunder" 7" Single
  • Dart-7005 Les Dirty Frenchmen "You A Cop? B/W Spendin' All My Money" 7" Single
  • Dart-D001 Midnight Evils "Self-Titled" CD
  • (HKRE-7001 Splitcox W/ Video Nasty & Dart-7000 Trans Ams are also listed as available, although they were originally released on different labels.)


Dart Records PO Box 1843 Fargo, ND 58107 USA


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