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A punk and rock and roll label based out of Fargo, ND. Started by and operated by Justin Seng of Les Dirty Frenchmen/Trans Ams, The, etc. Notable for helping the Midnight Evils gain underground fame and a spot on the Estrus Records roster. A new CD from Les Dirty Frenchmen is in the works.


Is probably the only Fargo-based label that isn't specifically promoting the Fargo scene. Its most successful band to date is Midnight Evils from Minneapolis. The Resinators are from Illinois. Also put out the only dedicated Orange 17 release ever.


Dart-7001 The Midnight Evils "Powerhead" 7" Single

Dart-7002 The Midnight Evils "Ain't Got Time for Love B/W Beating Around The Bush" 7" Single

Dart-7003 The Resinators "Way Gone B/W Gotta Go" 7" Single

Dart-7004 Orange 17 "We want Rock N' Roll Tonight B/W Plunder" 7" Single

Dart-7005 Les Dirty Frenchmen "You A Cop? B/W Spendin' All My Money" 7" Single

Dart-D001 Midnight Evils "Self-Titled" CD

(HKRE-7001 Splitcox W/ Video Nasty & Dart-7000 Trans Ams are also listed as available, although they were originally released on different labels.)


Dart Records PO Box 1843 Fargo, ND 58107 USA



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