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[[image: pl31tch.jpg|thumb|right]] Phil lives in Glyndon, MN with his wife Jessica and their six pets (one dog, five cats) and is considering getting a few goats and chickens to round out the family. He continues to cling to the street cred that [http://www.yahtzeen.com yahtzeen] earned him even though there is hardly a person under the age of 30 that has heard of it.
Dan is still living in Fargo dealing with other peoples children. He continues to drink OLD CROW Whiskey with a passion.
Phil is currently attempting to raise a million dollars with yet another of his hare-brained ideas with the site [http://www.onemeaslydollar.com One Measly Dollar].
== Bands ==
== Bands ==
*[[Big Fucking Trucks in Texas]] (aka Big Trucks in Texas)
*[[Lost for Cause]]  
*[[Fargo All-Stars]]
*[[The Pattern Recognition]]
*[[Jennifer's Veil]]
*[[Mercy Beat]]
*[[Princess Leia]]
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== Highlights ==
== Highlights ==
* Booked one of the first, if not the first, "punk" show in the FM area in 1984 when he brought in the Vampire Lezbos (WA) to headline a show at the Dilworth Community Center. Locals [[Blacklisted]] and [[The Crowd]] opened. A video of the show exists although the last time the Vampire Lezbos came to town he mistakingly "borrowed" it to them.
* Brought "Sad Core" to the Fargo Rock scene.
* Published one of Moorhead's first zines called 'Mark and Phil's Guide to Everything' in 1984 which lasted two issues. The title was changed to 'Burnt Toast' and printed three issues, the last of which was printed in Washington, D.C. where Phil lived 1985-1986.
* Tried - most times rather unsuccessfully - to book and promote shows. He did however bring in Desert City Soundtrack a couple of times.
* Was the original guitar player for [[godheadSilo]].
* Developed the "Equestrian". A Rather Great whiskey drink at [http://ralphscorner.com Ralph's Corner]
* Created [http://www.yahtzeen.com yahtzeen] in 1992 and published eleven issues before moving from print to the web.
* Together with [[Derek Wilde]] promoted dryhump '98 which aimed to bring together the DJ and punk scenes. Taking place at the now closed First Avenue in Fargo it featured a mix of local DJ's and bands sharing the stage. dryhump '98 also featured an early morning kickball game pitting ravers vs the punks and a later in the day basketball game pitting indie rockers vs brit poppers.
* Produced kate'zine, a zine about Kate Moss, as an offshoot of yahtzeen. Two issues were printed and it lived shortly as a web site afterwards.
* Produced fargogirls.com (defunct) which consisted of one new polaroid a day of a different girl from fargo. As dirty as it sounds like it could have been, it wasn't. The polaroids are now hosted at [http://www.flickr.com/photos/yahtzeen/sets/831073/ Flickr].
* Produced duffysjukebox.com (defunct) in an effort to remove the Dave Matthew's Band from the jukebox at Duffy's Tavern in Fargo.
* Created [[madonnaRama]], an annual Valentine's day show featuring local bands performing covers of Madonna songs in a talent show format with style, interpretation and overall judging categories.
* Has possession of the "sticker door" from the now closed Ralph's Corner Bar. Other Ralph's memorabilia purchased at auction are the booth he first asked Jessica out on their first date, three bar stools, two urinals, a bathroom sink, and 12 of the 18 chairs he originally bought...the others have been passed on to others.
*Is the 2004 Ralph's Corner Fantasy Football League Champion
*Created the Fargo Band Family Tree with [[Ryan Anderson]]
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== Contact Info ==
*web: http://www.yahtzeen.com & http://www.onemeaslydollar.com
*email: phil (AT) yahtzeen.com
== External Links ==
== External Links ==
*[http://www.flickr.com/groups/ralphscorner/ Ralph's Corner Flickr Group]
*[http://www.myspace.com/lostforcause myspace]
*[http://www.ralphscorner.com Ralph's Corner Web site]

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Dan is still living in Fargo dealing with other peoples children. He continues to drink OLD CROW Whiskey with a passion.



  • Brought "Sad Core" to the Fargo Rock scene.
  • Tried - most times rather unsuccessfully - to book and promote shows. He did however bring in Desert City Soundtrack a couple of times.
  • Developed the "Equestrian". A Rather Great whiskey drink at Ralph's Corner

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