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*[[Lorenzo Serna]] (vocals)
*[[Lorenzo Serna]] (vocals)
*[[Mike Sutehall]] (guitar)
*[[Mike Sutehall]] (guitar)
*Cory Wolf (vocals)
*[[Cory Wolf]] (vocals)
== Highlights ==
== Highlights ==

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A virtual "Slipknot" of has-beens & never-beens, formed from side projects of many different bands in Grand Forks in 2003. Can be considered a "phantom band" of sorts because they only played two actual shows, neither of which were anywhere near the Red River Valley.



  • Band name was conceived (as a joke) during a rodent search on the internet by guitarist Mike Sutehall, who found the following book excerpt: The nutria’s cry sounds exactly like the cry of a human baby. It is uncannily similar. Even I sometimes believed there were babies out there in the dark. Every mother thought she heard her baby crying for help.
  • Very ridiculous band-logo featuring a nutria (otter-like rodent) eating.
  • At one point, the band consisted of 10 people, but was narrowed down to seven because of likenesses to a small mob.
  • Directly influenced the song "Ripoff" by Small Town Drunk.
  • Wrote song called "Chernobyl" which lasted anywhere from five to fifteen minutes, but was never played the same way twice. (written featuring Mark Bauer on drums. Not before 3 am or 12 beers apiece.)


  • First live show, August 1, 2003 Rudies Ska Cafe St. Paul, MN 7pm w/ Small Town Drunk
  • Final live show, August 2, 2003 Rudies Ska Cafe St. Paul, MN 7pm w/ Small Town Drunk


  • Self released, 3 song demo (no copies released) 2003

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