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*[http://www.myspace.com/thecwo http://www.myspace.com/thecwo]
*[http://www.myspace.com/thecwo http://www.myspace.com/thecwo]
*[http://www.putfile.com/fargobandfamilytree Careless Whisper video]
*[http://www.putfile.com/fargobandfamilytree Careless Whisper video]
== Related Bands ==
== Related Bands ==

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Christopher Walken Overdrive (also known as CWO) is an avant-garde heavy rock band that was designed August 27, 2004 at Foxes in Moorhead, MN by Ryan Haugland, Fred Frenzel and Donovan Stewart. CWO formed around September/October 2004. Ryan Haugland (Sub Rosa), played one show and moved to Lawrence, KS. Patrick Meyers (Snake Handler) replaced him but moved to Austin, TX in the Fall of 2005. James Riccigliano (Unlern) is the current drummer. The band is currently recording an official debut after failed attempts in the last couple of years. Guitarist Shanesaw is recording/mixing/producing this time around. Release date is August 3rd, 2007 (James Hetfield's Birthday).


Former Members


  • Music video filmed in Moorhead MN, April 2005 for CWO version of "Careless Whisper" a song originally by George Michael of 80s pop group WHAM!
  • Competed in a Battle of the Bands in Detroit Lakes Summer 2005 for a chance to play the 10,000 Lakes Festival, a huge jam-band fest. Lost to The Dromedary Persuassion, who eventually lost to JedEyeMindFunk.
  • Competed in Rock Roots 5000 in 2006 on Q98 for a chance to open for Powerman 5000. Made it to the top four out of 12 bands. Lost in the finals to Obsidian who went on the win the contest.
  • Music video for "Siding With The Minotaur" compiled and edited by Pat Joyner of Forevergreen Films. Posted eary 2007. Features live clips of several shows edited together. Viewable at You Tube link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=_Gg3ZyULiG4
  • Competed in Q98 Battle of the Bands '07. Played in the finals in a four-way battle with Rock Bottom, Fallback, Venus in Furs. Rock Bottom won.
  • Eerie Fact: The date Stewart, Haugland and Frenzel decided to form a band was during a show at Foxes featuring Small Town Drunk and Unlern.



  • December 3rd, Knights of Columbus, Grand Forks, ND with Small Town Drunk, Dingus, Tylar Kason, Doors to Dharma, The Trystan Project - first show, last show with Ryan Haugland



  • June 30th, Fargo VFW The First Annual F Your Scene Invitational, Fargo, ND
  • July 7th, All Star Bowl, Moorhead, MN with Lucyd, Descry, etc.
  • August 11th, Fargo VFW, with Satan's War Boner, Throbbing Hot Rods, The,Dude Bazooka
  • August 12th, Trick 'Em All '06 - Pelican Lake, MN with Snake Handler, etc.
  • October 6th, All Star Bowl, Moorhead, MN with Shining Black, Lucyd, Masada, The Wrong Men
  • November 4th, Eagles Club, Lisbon, ND with Snake Handler, Who Took The Steak?, Must Have, The PLX.
  • December 20, The Nestor, Fargo, ND with Battlefields, Obsidian, Fall Back, and Inkedindecision.
  • December 31, All Star Bowl, Moorhead, MN with Lucyd, Blind Joe, Paige Marshall, Masada, etc.


  • January 11th, Aquarium, Fargo, ND with Lucyd, Nine Eyes, Jarafuho.
  • January 31st, The Nestor, Fargo, ND with Meddle, Masada, Blind Joe and A Work Begun.
  • February 8th, Q98 Battle of Bands '07 vs. Lucyd, Old Broadway, Fargo, ND - winner: CWO
  • February 10th, Eagles Club, Lisbon, ND with Lucyd, Battlefields, Paige Marshall
  • March 8th, Q90 Battle of the Bands Finals vs. Rock Bottom, Fallback, Venus in Furs, Old Broadway, Fargo, ND - winner: Rock Bottom
  • March 22nd, Aquarium, Fargo, ND with Lucyd, Senzuri, PLX
  • March 30th, The Nestor, Fargo, ND with Battlefields, Fallback
  • April 7th, Eagles Nest, Jamestown, ND with Stalking Names, Awkward Silence, etc.
  • April 14th, Aquarium, with Lucyd, Venus in Furs, Shot in the Face
  • April 16th, Red Sea Club, Minneapolis, MN with Lucyd, Kill Kill Death Kill
  • April 21st, Eagles Nest, Jamestown, ND with Stalking Names
  • May 4th, All Star Bowl, Moorhead, MN with Obsidian, Fallback, Venus in Furs
  • May 11th, Nestor, with Built for Speed/Denied by Christ, Screaming Mechanical Brain
  • May 25th, Nestor with Run Like Go, Blind Joe
  • July 13th, Nestor, with Corpseshow Creeps, Shot in the Face
  • July 14th, Bev's Jook Joint, Superior, WI with Jaundice, Within the Ruins, Xhaust
  • July 19th, Aquarium, with Necktie Suicide, Nine Eyes, War on God
  • August 3rd, Nestor, James' 21st Birthday Bash/CD release show with Descry, PLX, etc.
  • August 10th, All Star Bowl, with Masada, tba
  • August 11th, Trick 'Em All '07 - venue tba with Snake Handler, J-Sauce, Rubber Band, etc.

Upcoming Shows

  • August 16th, Aquarium, with Senzuri (final show), The New Instructions, PLX
  • September 15th, Red Raven - All Ages show with tba.


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