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Catharsis was a thrash metal band formed in 1995, originally under the name Psychosia.

The band split up around 1998.


Final Line-up

Former members


Matt, Derek, and Shawn originally formed the band during the summer of 1995 in between their freshman and sophomore years in high school.

Matt and Shawn met Adam, who had already been friends with Derek, while attending an autumn class all three shared. They quickly formed a bond over their burgeoning love of metal bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, and Pantera.

Over the next year the band began writing music, eventually creating 5 songs for

At the end of 2012, Imperion played its final show with Justin at Gio’s Event Center, who decided to part ways with the band to pursue his future endeavors in the sunnier climes of Las Vegas. Nick Stensrud was asked to step in as vocalist soon after.

In the early months of 2013, Chris Lundquist was recruited on drums after the departure of Adam Cribb.

The band released its debut EP, Endless Winter Aeon in May of 2013, which was recorded by Adam (Carico) and Matt, and produced and mixed by Adam (Carico).


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