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These bands are currently active, meaning you could actually catch them play a show or hit them up for a show if you're a promoter needing to fill a slot or two...or maybe you just want to hire a band to play your bar mitzvah.

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1 12oz. Epilogue 7 7th Seal A A Message of Bullets Akeley Ancient Astronauts Atom's Rite Aurora Isn't Dead B Battle at Sea Bismarck, The Brent Braniff C Canopy.of.stars Chris Danforths, The

C cont.

Christopher Walken Overdrive Code of the West Crawling Inward Crime Rate in Iowa Crimes of the Conspiracy D Deaths, The Disclaimer, Hypocritical Diversion Scene, The E Escaping the System F Final Fight H Hypocritical Disclaimer J J,Male k K, Kill the Sky L Last Great Summer


MINUTES Male J N Nic Garcia P Poets and Thieves S Sherlock Homies, The Sugoi! T The Trophy Wife Throbbing Hot Rods, The V Vulcan Mindmeld

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