Captain Ridgeway

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Captain Ridgeway was a four piece melodic punk rock band that played in the Fargo/Moorhead area between 1992-1994. During an era when most local bands were doing the amrep noise thing, Captian Ridgeway seperated themselves by playing their own blend of guitar driven pop punk.



  • Immortalized in a 7 O'clock Sucker song, perhaps because "Carothers Brothers" had one too many syllables.


Various basements, many at Ralph's, one at the Elks.


One demo recorded, but has been lost for years. This demo, which ended up incomplete with no bass guitar or vocals, has recently resurfaced on the iPod of a former band member. Imagining an utter lack of interest, the current owner of this lone copy remains wondering why it is still on aforementioned iPod. Same band member remains in mourning for the loss of Ralph's Corner Bar.

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