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Bruce J. Wuollet goes by B.J. in most of the world. Born in North Carolina, moved to Minneapolis in 1979 where his family is from. In 1983 when his parents divorced Bruce moved to Minot North Dakota with his mother and step father until 1991 when he moved back to the Minneapolis area to live with his father. Bruce picked up the guitar at the age of 8 when his father gave him his first guitar and a book of chords for his birthday. As a guitarist he formed his first band Thunder Chicken with Lyle Snyder and Kevin Habberstad in Minot. After the move back to Minneapolis got his first drumset at 15 and that was where things stayed. As a drummer Bruce spent his 20's touring the U.S., Japan and Europe, with Apollo Kings, Animal Chin, (Fueled By Ramen records), The Stereo (Fueled By Ramen records), and Vox Vermillion (Women Records).

Bruce currently resides in Minneapolis, and works for a non profit known as FFPIR. He also plays drums in the band THEMES, and has a solo project called MINUTES.