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Binge aka The Bedspins was formed about 7 years ago when 2 alcohol fueled individuals(Holls and Matty) contacted me. They needed a drummer to fill in for the Battle of the Bands. I agreed and after a week of practice we played the battle of the bands and ended up winning the whole damn thing. Thus Binge was born. We started playing all around the Fargo/Moorhead area anywhere that would have us. Some places opted not to have us play again because we would all be blacked out drunk at the end of our set and sound like shit. We did eventually get more serious and added Kent to our line up. He added some new material as well as vocals. It was the kickstart we needed. We continued to play shows and record a 7 song demo. Shortly after the demo was recorded Kent left the band to pursue his own project. With no lead guitar player we asked Holly's long time friend Josh to join the band and he accepted. Josh was with the band until the very end. Everything was going well and shows were lined up. We also got on a punk rock compilation from a small record label out of Canada as well as we where about the get a booking agent and start to play the Midwest. But as fate would have it a bunch of bad shit came our way and the band suddenly disbanded. I guess sometimes its better to break up when you are on top instead of trying to keep holding on. Our demo never got released so here it is for anyone who cares. This is going to be the most proper release it will ever get. I want to say thanks to my band mates and fans(especially Russ) for the support. The band also wishes to thank Juni for recording us. Take Care Everyone, Uppy P.S. Fuck You to the Chumley's dart players and the bartender I hit in the head with a lime at the Old Broadway.




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