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Alternacide is the first demo album by the thrash metal band Catharsis.


Catharsis entered MSU’s Studio A to record Alternacide in the winter of 1997. The band spent a few weeks in the studio recording most of the instrumental tracks “live” (recording the tracks all in one setting), followed by a few sessions for vocals.



Additional Personnel

  • Dave Scheffing - engineering, mixing
  • Adam Carico - album art

Recorded at MSU Studio A.

Track Listing

All music and lyrics by Litton and Carico, except the bridge of “Cry of the Martyr”, written by Mark Mousseau.

  1. “Cry of the Martyr” (05:54)
  2. “The False Prophet” (05:43)
  3. “Colour of Death” (05:18)
  4. “Little Man” (05:21)
  5. “Agent Orange” (04:12)

Total length: 25:48