800 Million

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  • Possibly the loudest thing ever in the back room (of Ralph's), barring any band Troy Harris or Chad James was in.
  • played on an episode of 'off broadway' (the coachand6 radio show). a copy of this show still exists.


played a bunch of shows around '99-'01 including 3 in minneapolis. in 2002 or 03? went on week midwest tour with Floid Matrix and atomly, with highlights including playing the empty bottle in chicago, playing right next to the budwiser factory in st. louis, and getting a $250 for a nearly empty omaha show in which peter foss spent most of the night hitting on the only 2 girls in attendance. oh and aaron got lost in chicago for a night (with a lady?) and was almost left for dead...seriously. first line-up was micah, aaron, and mark. then micah, aaron, mark, and jarod. then aaron, mark, and jarod.


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