7 O'clock Sucker

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  • 7 o'clock Sucker was the house band of the 700 Club at 700 College Street in Fargo. They played punk rock that seemed to fall somewhere between pop-punk and hardcore. They played many drunken shows in Fargo basements as well as just about every other venue in Fargo/Moorhead.
  • Troy Reisenauer played in the band just long enough to get teased by Carothers Brothers. He later caught the last train to Dickinson, ND where he was rumored to be selling canned vegetables, door to door.
  • In an interview with Carothers Brothers, the band says that the name came from the homebrew that they intended to brew, "once Kyle gets the damn kit."


Kyle getting pantsed.

Opened a show for At The Drive-In before anybody even knew who ATDI was.



V/A "We're Addicted to Dayquil, LantzCentral Records

V/A "Top Sluggers" 2x7-inch, Big Block Records

7-inch on Meat Records

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