3 Business Goal Setting Tips You Can Bank On

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Business Goal Setting Tips - Develop S.M.A.R.T. Goals

You can find information all over the internet on developing SMART goals. They are proven to motivate you to work hard, and they really get your thinking about your dreams and ideals.

Specific - Specific means well defined something that would be clear to anyone else.

Measurable - This is where you evaluate your objectives so that we can measure out our achievements against them. When you measure your progress, you stay on track, reach your target dates, and experience the exhilaration of achievement that spurs you on to continued effort required to reach your goals. To determine if your goal is measurable, ask questions such as, how much? How many? How will I know when it is accomplished?

Attainable - This is the time to pull your head out of the clouds and put your feet back on the ground. The ground may be significantly elevated, but it's solid ground nonetheless. You can't have world peace tomorrow, solve hunger this month or become a millionaire in a year if that is 20 times your current net worth. At the same time, you don't want them to debilitate you because you know in your heart of hearts it is only a fantasy and not really possible even if you operated at your highest and best for the duration. Don't rely on any extraordinary external luck having to happen in order for you to reach your goal. What could you do and control the outcome to if you played at world-class level?

Relevant - This is one of the most important criteria to scrub against. Are the goals you set in alignment with the core values? Do they align with your mission and support the vision you have for your life? You want to be sure the direction in which you focus your creative capacity is in the direction of what is truly most important to you, your life and the legacy you intend to leave. If not, reconsider.

Time Sensitive - You think, act and react with the urgency and appropriate energy defined by the task. Just as your muscles prepared in one way when you stoop over to pick up the morning paper, and react in an entirely different manner when you prepare in one way when you stoop over to pick up the morning paper, and react in an entirely different manner when you prepare to lift a 100 lb. dumbbell, so your mind prepares your body and your attitudes for responding appropriately to deadlines you set for yourself. Deadlines create a challenge, and you respond to the challenge. In sports, the tension mounts as time runs out. The most exciting plays are often in the last few minutes, especially if it is a close game, because people respond to the challenge of deadlines.

Business Goal Setting Tips - Learn To Utilize Project Management Techniques

One of the things I have realized is that our greatest competitor is within our own business and it tends to be distractions. Many people in Network Marketing get distracted and try to do too many things at once. So I wanted to give you a step-by-step method of staying focused so you can utilize the system more efficiently than most people actually do. The method of operation that I recommend is to divide your work into projects, where you have set milestones, and an end goal. Basically the idea here is to learn a marketing method that works and you can do. Next you need to invest in the tools that are recommended by the mentors, experts, trainers, and learn how to use the tools efficiently. The last step of the project is to go on a 90 day blitz using the marketing methodology you learned. That would be your first project as you learn and grow into a successful entrepreneur.

Business Goal Setting Tips - Develop A Daily Method of Operation

You may have heard about this from a trainer or coach. This is something that has stood the test of time, because success isn't about what you do, it's about what you do daily. If you have read The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, you would know this. A daily method of operation should consist of 3 basic things:

Personal Development - Read 15-30 Minutes of Personal Development content DAILY. You should also commit to at least one training webinar everyday, and surround yourself around other successful people.

Setting Up Marketing - Depending on what type of marketing strategy you are utilizing to get leads, you'll want to learn how to manage your own marketing funnel. If you are into content marketing, you may need to create 1 piece of content every day. If you are using Craigslist, you may need to rotate, and make new ads for your campaign.

Networking & Prospecting - Networking means to connect and make friends with other people. You can't find prospects if you don't make connections first. If you are building your enterprise part-time, I recommend you connect with 5-10 people every single day. If you are full-time, I recommend you connect with 15-20 people per day. Prospecting means exposing people to your products and/or business opportunity. It also includes following up with people who have seen your commerce presentations. You need to be doing this otherwise you can't make any money.

If you would like to get more business goal setting tips and techniques. I recommend you check out my Creative Wealth Solutions and Network Marketing Mastery Blog.