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An Italian animated television series break into the scene in 2004, which catapulted the highly entertaining characters of the Winx Club araba oyunlari and their friends to fame. Children and young teens alike came to love the series and are watching out for the future episodes of the series. The popularity of the series even generated the successful franchise of clothing, yeni oyunlar and winx club toys. The most successful toys however, that are in high demand are the Winx club dolls, which are made in the image and likeness of the lead characters of the series.

The Winx Club lead characters, headed by Bloom finds their respective love interests in the Redfountain all-boys school, located near Alfea. The Specialists, as these boys are called is headed by Sky, who is Bloom's fiance'. These boys' lives intertwine with the adventures and yeni oyunlar of the Winx Club members, as they fell in love with their respective partners in the series.

Sky, being the former Prince of Eraklyon, just as naturally assumed the position of leader of the Specialist group. However, he feels cowed by his position. In season I, Sky did not assumed his real identity and even exchanged identities with Brandon, his best friend, to experience what it feels like to be just an ordinary boy, like the rest of his friends. Since there was also constant threat to his life being the heir to the throne, he decided not to expose his real identity to protect himself.

Sky's parents wanted him to marry Diaspro, whom he declined since he is very much in love with Bloom. A handsome blonde prince, he too wanted to feel like any normal guy hence he trade places with his best friend, Brandon for a time. As one of the Specialists, Sky has no magical powers and relies on his wits, physical prowess and his weapon encased in the gem, that were given to them when they graduated from Redfountain.

As Bloom's fiance', Sky is always there for her. At one time, Sky saved Bloom from darkness by expressing his true feelings for her, which transformed her back to her usual self. This had occurred when she had been turn into oyunlar Bloom, inflicting harm on her surroundings and her friends. When Sky's declaration turned her back to her usual self, Bloom in turn healed those she had hurt. In season 4 however, Bloom finds herself another boyfriend after Sky (Brandon) broke her heart. She had not realized sooner that it was really Brandon who had broken her heart since she did not know about the switch of identities.

As a graduate of Redfountain, Sky like all the rest of the Specialists are considered heroes and fighters against evil forces. More than anyone else however, he knows the importance of knowing how to defend himself and his loved ones; instigating tactical attacks or thwarting ploys and plots against his family, his friends and the whole citizenry of his native planet. Being a oyunlar 1000 , who became king of Eraklyon in the movie "The Secret of the lost kingdom", he knows what it takes to become an effective leader and protector of his domain.

At present, Brandon as Sky is the only Winx Club en iyi oyunlar doll out in the market. Many are clamoring for the creation of the dolls of the other Specialists to complete their collection. Of course when the Sky doll comes out it will be one to get.